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Best Word Choice for...VALUE, CLARITY, and TRUST

July 22, 20231 min read

So...I just kind of want to sort of talk about some things with you…

You begin to wonder if we are actually going to talk about anything.

When we add ambiguity to our language we sound unsure and unconfident. But more importantly, we DEVALUE what we are saying. 

The wrong word choice can also have other implications. The three things we can inadvertently do are:

  • Devalue our work

  • Give offense or confusion, and,

  • Break trust

Watch this 7-minute video and see if you notice any of these in your practice. 

Then, begin by incorporating one change of habit at a time to elevate your communication.

Amy Demas, MBA, DTM, DFSS works with clients around the world to improve communication skills, resulting in a better customer experience!
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Amy Demas

Communication trainer and coach for individuals and businesses.

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