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No-Show Rates – Who’s Avoiding You?


First things first…no one likes to be stood up! But do you know who is avoiding you? Are those who no-show their appointments equally present across all types of customers, or is there a smaller segment of your customers impacting the metric?

Your No-Show Rates are an essential metric yielding clarity for your office. Let’s take a deeper look and see what we find.

Hate the Waste

Missed appointments within an office are more than a frustration. The opportunity cost of a no-show or late cancellation is the loss of productive work hours never to be regained.

Applying business acumen dictates a deeper dive into this metric for missed appointments or late-cancellations. But what should we explore? And how do we do this?

Listen in on how you can gain clarity on who is avoiding you.


Finally, dive deeply into root causes for your missed appointments. Understand it more fully by turning data points into actionable information. You can most easily do so by remembering a few essential tips:

  • Separate Active from New Patient appointments
  • Define what is considered “no-show”
  • Differentiate additional variables for New Patient appointments
  • Determine different goals for Active and New Patient No-Show Rates