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Patient Flow – No Discombobulation Zone

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Are you ready? I know we are all ready to be back seeing our patients and customers. It is going to be an unfamiliar familiar experience. And our patients will feel the same thing. We need to ensure we do all we can to alleviate any confusion. No discombobulating!!!

Many of us are thinking we will have to be adding escort duties to our normal duties. After having worked in an office by using Doxy.Me, I believe we have options that will eliminate the escorting duties and even keep our parents more highly engaged. Meanwhile, we have the benefit of not overloading our front office team members with hundreds of additional calls/texts per patient day.

Critical to Quality – CTQs

We must ensure we know where everyone is, at all times, while still managing patient flow.

  • Know when patients arrive
  • Not “lose” anyone in the queue
  • Sign them in so clinical team knows they are waiting
  • Have wellness form completed and entered into the patient chart
  • Have a way to let patients know it is time to enter the office
  • Communicate a summary of activity to the responsible party
  • Connect with the responsible party
  • Make the next appointment
  • Not increase phone volume unnecessarily for front office
  • Next appointment made while at the current visit
  • Provide maximum time for clinical teams to disinfect station

Increased Efficiency and Connection

One option is to use Doxy.Me not only for virtual appointments and consults but for on-site visits as well. This was due to the following capabilities:

  • No app to download
  • Virtual Waiting Room
  • Ability to text patient the URL (Pro version – $30/month)
  • Ability to have multiple instances open under one username
  • Ability to chat with patients as they wait
  • Ability to take photos, if needed
  • Ability to take payments, if desired
  • Ability for the doctor to still speak to a parent
  • Ability to set the next appointment immediately

You will need computers/tablets with a camera and microphone.



We want to make the most comfortable, safe, efficient, and effective appointment experience possible while ensuring we do not bog down our team members.

Finally, be willing to pilot a system and adapt it as restrictions get lifted, tools get enhanced, or other enhancements come our way.