Hi! I'm Amy Demas

Let me show you how my past will empower the practice of your future.

Hi! I'm Amy Demas

Let me show you how my past will empower the practice of your future.

Why am I the best coach for your team?

  • Worked as a Vice President at Bank of America

  • Awarded over 56 U.S. Patents for statistical and process development work

  • Earned Green Belt Six Sigma certification

  • Inventor of the Year at Bank of America in 2008

  • Received Distinguished Toastmaster title and am an award-winning communication evaluator

  • One of the first 1000 women to ever attend the United States Military Academy

  • Received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from

    Missouri University of Science & Technology

  • Earned an MBA

I am here to help you deliver superior customer service, streamline communication and save thousands of marketing dollars by establishing better relationships with patients.

I am so proud to be recommended by 100% of Doctors AND Staff

I believe in establishing trust among doctors, their staff and patients and instilling confidence in front desk employees. No more “gotcha” calls or walking on eggshells.






I would highly recommend her coaching program to any practice looking to enhance their patient communication!

Dr. Lance Miller, Keene Orthodontic Specialists

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Schulman Group leaders say

“The Schulman Group is pleased to call Amy Demas/Communicate Excellence one of our valued preferred consultants and a huge advocate for our educational programming efforts. Her "can do" attitude has served the group in many capacities over the years…..as a consultant, as a program speaker and most recently served as moderator for our Doctor and Team Meeting. As speaker and consultant, Amy offers invaluable insight on communication skills for all orthodontic team members and has helped a number of our members streamline and improve office interactions with patients.”

Emily, Mari's List says

"Amy Demas is a shining star when it comes to training front desk staff, scheduling coordinators and treatment coordinators. She truly communicates excellence. Mari's List feels confident endorsing Amy because of her long history of exceptional professionalism and glowing reviews from our members."


Phone Coaching

Telephone skills training for efficient and impactful first impressions with your receptionist and front office team.

Sales Coaching

Treatment Coordinator communication training for consultations to adapt, read the room, and win the start.

Workshops & Keynotes

Book me for your team or appreciation event you are running to provide customer experience training.

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Amy Demas and Jill Allen on Hey Docs

Amy Demas returns as guest of Jill Allen on Hey Docs!

March 08, 20241 min read

Oh, it was a joy to be with Jill again on her podcast, Hey Docs!

On Spotify:


And on YouTube:


And here is the outline Jill provided:

In this episode, Jill interviews Amy Demas, an engineer turned communication coach, about the importance of effective communication in the dental industry. They discuss the changing landscape of communication and the need to adapt to new technologies and patient preferences. Amy emphasizes the importance of structure and framework in communication, allowing for personalization while maintaining a branded message. They also explore strategies for improving communication skills in the practice, including active listening and empathy. Amy shares her involvement in charitable organizations and the importance of giving back.

  • Effective communication is crucial in the dental industry, especially as patient preferences and technologies evolve.

  • Adapting communication strategies to meet the needs of different generations and modes of communication is essential.

  • Structure and framework provide a foundation for effective communication while allowing for personalization and branding.

  • Active listening, empathy, and resolving conflicts are key skills for improving communication in the practice.

  • Supporting charitable organizations and giving back to the community is an important aspect of business.


00:00 Introduction and Background

02:28The Importance of Communication in the Dental Industry

06:06 Adapting Communication to the Changing Landscape

09:26 Key Communication Strategies for New Practices

13:36 Making Written Communication More Personable

19:08 Handling Tense Communication Situations

26:14 Improving Communication Skills in the Practice

29:08Supporting Charities and Giving Back

33:58 Conclusion and Farewell

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Amy Demas

Communication trainer and coach for individuals and businesses.

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