Being the Practice Ambassador takes grit and determination

give them the training to fully embrace their role as the face of your practice


Scheduling Coordinator Training

Empower the role that has the most frequent interactions with your patients and parents. They set the tone - let's make sure it's a great one. 

Being on the front desk is more than reading scripts or hiding behind the "do not disturb" - let's help your team create that perfect first impression.

I am Amy, and my training program helps your Scheduling Coordinators improve their phone and in-person patient interactions. I provide coaching for efficient & impactful first impressions, teaching new strategies & habits to improve your scheduling skills!

Are you looking to train your team to build better relationships with patients? Our customer service training will give your team the tools they need to provide excellent customer experiences.

Specific Training for your Front Desk team

A scheduling coordinator is more than just an appointment setter - they truly are the face of the practice and help your patients to fulfill their orthodontic dreams.

Empower them - sign up for my coaching!

Phone Coaching

Phone skills training for efficient and impactful first impressions

- Master the first and last impression
- Learn how to offer appointments to your schedule
- Know how to prevent escalations
- Master the initial inquiry call to prevent no-shows
- Mousy to marvelous or edgy to polished


All Packages Include:

Coaching & accountability - Online Library Portal - Standardized training - Options for remote & on-site initial training

Train your team to become effective scheduling coordinators and learn how to manage patient appointments efficiently.

Signing up with Amy will guarantee your front office team gains the skills needed!

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It happens. People get frustrated. Sometimes they vent at us simply because we're the ones on the other end of the phone, regardless of whether we have had a part to play in the situation.

Learning how best to diffuse the situation instead of allowing it to escalate, will change their day, and yours, for the better.

I always remember "Event + Reaction = Outcome". You can control your reaction, not the event - but it still affects the Outcome. In this PDF I teach you another great tool, the acronym ALERT, to help you remember in the moment how to diffuse things and it's my little thank you for having you join my mailing list.


Amy believes in giving back and paying it forward by donating
10% of ALL proceeds to organizations that help others.