Empowering your sales team to excel

give them the training to embrace the role fully


Treatment Coordinator Training

Sales training for on-site and virtual consults, follow up and more

Meeting and greeting the patient is easy, the painful piece is often the "money" conversation - let's help your team gain that inner confidence to "win the start".

I'm Amy and my training program helps your Treatment Coordinators improve their sales conversion rates. I provide sales coaching to ease the path of signing up new patient starts in your Orthodontic practice which directly impacts your bottom line.

Be the practice that encourages generational and community relationships with its patients - as each generation grows, they continue to bring their kids, and when they grow up they bring their kids and regularly refer you to their friends! Long-term loyalty is built with great customer service and my training will give you reassurance that your team is delivering time and again.

Specific Training for your
Treatment Coordinator Sales team

A Treatment Coordinator is more than a sales role. They are the mentors empowering a new patient to achieve a dream of attainable orthodontic care.

Empower them! Sign up for coaching!

Specific Training for your Treatment Coordinator

TC Sales Training

  • Learn to close the sale and increase conversion rates
  • Master how to respond to different personalities
  • Become comfortable and fluid with rebuttals
  • Get the patient's buy-in at every step of the process to reduce the number of failed conversions
  • Learn to be their mentor and guide them with confidence

All Packages Include:

Coaching & accountability - Online Library Portal - Standardized training - Options for remote & on-site initial training

Ensure your customer service matches your quality patient care.
Combine customer service training with award-winning coaching.

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Sometimes we are so focused on getting a new patient to sign the contract that we can forget and bypass the natural milestones that need to occur during the exam process.

Take a few moments and review each section of the exam so you can keep the flow and avoid missing any of the key steps out. To help you keep this in mind, I have given you a mini-goal for each section.

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Amy believes in giving back and paying it forward by donating
10% of ALL proceeds to organizations that help others.