Win their Loyalty

Get Certified in Making Patients Happy

Win their Loyalty

Get Certified in Making Patients Happy

Imagine Producing an Additional $300,000 Each Year

The average single doctor practice (per Gaidge), which receives approximately 850 new patient calls each year, this increase translates to nearly $300,000.

Before Amy:

After Amy:

After Amy:

From Bogged Down to Brief

Some questions can make us feel like we're tap-dancing when we should just answer the question and move on.

Amy coached this scheduling coordinator the art of BREVITY: sentences on the phone; paragraphs in person.



From Mousy To Scheduling Ninja

This scheduling coordinator used to dread making appointments, and has now become this practice's ninja (STILL over four years later according to her Doctor!)

Amy helped Debbie feel more confident and use the proper leading question to offer appointments which put Debbie in control of the conversation.



My customer communication training will help you to 10X your patient experience to massively impact your Win ratio!


Decrease in No Shows

because all your customer relationships are real connections, right from the start.


Reduction in Longer, Problem Calls

because you're no longer inadvertently upsetting your valued customers.

Large Call to Action Headline


Increase in Production

because you've built trust with your customers from the beginning, so your win ratio is much higher.

What Our Clients Are Saying:


Phone Coaching

Telephone skills training for efficient and impactful first impressions with your receptionist and front office team.

Sales Coaching

Treatment Coordinator communication training for consultations to adapt, read the room, and win the start.

Workshops & Keynotes

Book me for your team or appreciation event you are running to provide customer experience training.

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Watch my short video on the 5 Types of Questions as a welcome gift.

Did you know there are different types of questions? Annoyingly, we often default to the question type that doesn't actually help move us towards our goal.

Take a few moments to watch my short video and you'll learn a few of the different types so you can be more conscious of your speaking habits and bring the correct question type to the situation at hand.

Do share this video with the rest of your team to help them make the same change - it's my little thank you for having you join my mailing list.

How to Effectively Offer Appointments to Patients

How to Effectively Offer Appointments to Patients

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Being Polite and Authentic in Communication

Being Polite and Authentic in Communication

The right amount of politeness is key in communication. It is like the right amount of spicing in a dish. Amy provides insights to the right amount of "polite spicing" in communication. ...more

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October 01, 20231 min read

How to be Respectfully Effective with Politeness and Guiding

How to be Respectfully Effective with Politeness and Guiding

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How to Remove Hurdles and Avoid Leading "No's" to Tough Questions

How to Remove Hurdles and Avoid Leading "No's" to Tough Questions

I know sometimes our patients ask us questions where the most direct reply is, "No." I get it. It's effective, but many times it is not received well. Learn how to respond to common tough questions wi... ...more

Customer Experience

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How to Write a Note

How to Write a Note

Writing a note is a lost art but can create a wonderful memory for the recipient. In our age of electronic communication, many have forgotten this basic skill. Let's learn some tips to make this part ... ...more

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July 26, 20231 min read

Best Word Choice for...VALUE, CLARITY, and TRUST

Best Word Choice for...VALUE, CLARITY, and TRUST

Word choice is very important in how we communicate. Amy provides tips on how to remedy the more common word choice errors she observes. ...more

Customer Experience ,Phone Communication

July 22, 20231 min read

Our Clients' Experiences

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Schulman Group leaders say

“The Schulman Group is pleased to call Amy Demas/Communicate Excellence one of our valued preferred consultants and a huge advocate for our educational programming efforts. Her "can do" attitude has served the group in many capacities over the years… a consultant, as a program speaker and most recently served as moderator for our Doctor and Team Meeting. As speaker and consultant, Amy offers invaluable insight on communication skills for all orthodontic team members and has helped a number of our members streamline and improve office interactions with patients.”

Emily, Mari's List says

"Amy Demas is a shining star when it comes to training front desk staff, scheduling coordinators and treatment coordinators. She truly communicates excellence. Mari's List feels confident endorsing Amy because of her long history of exceptional professionalism and glowing reviews from our members."

Hear from Amy

Amy believes in giving back and paying it forward by donating 10% of ALL proceeds to organizations that help others.