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Win the Call
Win the Start
Win their Loyalty

When you don't grab your patient at “hello”
you may as well tell them “goodbye.”


Win the Call
Win the Start
Win their Loyalty

If you can’t grab your patient at “hello” you may as well tell them “goodbye.”

The ONLY Orthodontic Training Consultant Specializing In Front-Desk Employees

Saving orthodontists thousands of dollars in marketing costs every year -
we're here for all your hiring, training and growth needs.

I am Amy & I have worked EVERY admin role in the practice

Every practice needs an Amy!

This is how we've transformed teams from Mousy to Mighty

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Decrease in No Shows

Among new patients
within 9 months


Increase in Production

After 5 years of NO increase


Reduction in Calls

Longer than 10 minutes


Phone Coaching

Phone skills training for efficient and impactful first impressions


Sales Coaching

Treatment Coordinator training for consults, follow up and more


Workshops & Keynotes

Book Amy to be on stage at your event to provide inspiration and training


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5 Types of Questions as a welcome gift.

Did you know there are different types of questions? Annoyingly, we often default to the question type that doesn't actually help move us towards our goal.

Take a few moments to watch my short video and you'll learn a few of the different types so you can be more conscious of your speaking habits and bring the correct question type to the situation at hand.

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10% of ALL proceeds to organizations that help others.